Popularization of knowledge

According to the ordinance dated on 30.04. 2010, Institute of Agricultural and Forest Environment, as well as other units of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in addition to research activities is also obliged to popularize knowledge and to disseminate research results, which has been the subject of its activities for tens of years.

An example of regular popularizing activity is the Museum of Environmental Knowledge which in 2013 will celebrate the 90th anniversary of its activity. Since 1975, that is the inclusion of the Research Station in Turew into the structures of the present research unit, Institute of Agricultural and Forest Environment runs in the Research Station in Turew varied and extensive educational activities for children, youth and adults on all levels. These include: lectures, exercises and field classes for pupils and students, as well as teacher training classes and lectures for visitors of the park and palace in Turew. These concern mainly biology, ecology, sustainable development and environmental protection and are conducted by academics, including the researchers with a significant (documented by work experience, publications, successes of their students in subject competitions) teaching experience. Sometime classess are carried out by lecturers from outside the Station. Additionaly, in cooperation with the Landscape Parks, various educational initiatives are taken in Turew, e.g. educational board on the role of weeds and the wall for the bees.

Activities concerning dissemination of knowledge and education: