Educational projects

Projekt : „Building a network of environmental education and protection of Osmoderma eremita in the area selected for Natura 2000 PLH 300 001 Biedrusko"

In 2009-2011 the Institute of Agricultural and Forest Environment PAS was a partner in the educational project undertaken by the Forestry Management Łopuchówko funded by Norwegian Funds. One of the foundations of the project was the creation of the Virtual Laboratory for Interactive Learning (WLIN, for the education of pupils of primary schools, secondary schools and post- secondary schools on the following topics:

  • Progress of phenological events against the background of habitat and weather conditions.
  • Monitoring of water quality and flows of Młynówka river within Biedrusko.
  • Drought risk assessment based on meteorological measurements.

The elements of the project were also:

  • „Centre of Osmoderma eremita protection" near Łysy Młyn,
  • educational exhibition on the role of dead wood in forests,
  • educational path "The role of water in the environment", running around the revitalized pond.

The Institute was a partner responsible for performing 3 tasks: development of the concept and establishment of educational paths associated with the circulation of water in the environment, phenological observations and air pollution. The person responsible for the project implementation was prof. Andrzej Kędziora.