Other projects

Implemented in 2011:

  • Inventory and valorisation of small water bodies in the municipalities Krobia and Pogorzela commissioned by the Gostyn County – prof. A. Kędziora, Dr. D. Józefczyk, Dr.M. Nowak, MSc. K. Janku.
  • „Oppinion on the qualifications of biomass from Liberia” commissioned byVattenfall Heat Poland S.A.  – prof. A. Kędziora.
  • „ Preparation of documentation necessary for the construction of a dam and power station on the Vistula river below Włocławek, task: Development of the Vistula river basin water balance and assessment of trends in its changes” commissioned by Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd Sp. z o. o. Branch in Poland. – prof. A. Kędziora, Dr. D. Józefczyk, Dr. M. Nowak, MSc. G. Karg.
  • Elaboration „Avifauna of roadside tree lines by Czempiń – Borowo – Turew – Rąbiń – Jerka road” for the Board of County Roads in Koscian, as a basis for minimizing natural damage during the repair of the road– Dr. K. Kujawa.
  • Protection Plan of the Gen. Dezydery Chłapowski Landscape Park for the Board of Landscape Parks.